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"Stiles, go seek out the Hale Bureau. They will help you."

After helping a wolf, Stiles finds himself involuntarily engaged to a princess in a magical world of werewolves.

..also known as that Sterek The Cat Returns AU. Or in this case, Wolf.

I just wanted to draw wolf!Derek and fox!Stiles tbh, but then I rewatched the movie and instantly thought “Hey, I want a The Cat Returns Sterek AU because I love this movie.”

So I did some screenshot redraws. Because I can.

NO ONE IS DEAD OR EVIL IN THIS AU as for characters I guess Stiles as Haru, Derek as Baron, Scott as Yuki, and Allison as Prince Lune I GUESS also we need Muta. Hm. Peter? That means Toto could be Laura idek I just want someone to write this or something please

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